Learn to Immediately Play Pop Star Katy Perry's Song "Wide Awake"

Music Lesson Example

is just one instance demonstrating how removing all technical terminology and note reading as barriers causes immediate ability to play any pattern easily on the piano.

Students Learn to Play Spontaneous Music From Their Heart and Write Their Own Songs

Benefits For You and Your Family

  • We inspire all our students how to learn piano fast by encouraging natural expression of their innate creativity
  • We provide instant access to basic and advanced musical concepts by removing the barrier of traditional note reading symbols
  • We teach students - as young as 3 - how to play spontaneous music from their heart and write their own songs
  • We invented a proprietary "Paint it, Press it, Play itâ„¢" approach for sensory learning
  • We display vivid diagrams clearly revealing which keys to play and what fingers to use

"Key Identity Access was created to remove all barriers to immediate music learning."

Ryan David Dwyer - CEO, Key Identity Access (TM)

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