Wilsonville Oregon Piano Lessons

Our Wilsonville Piano Lessons for kids are located at Jewart's Gymnastics Northwest

Children as Young as 3 Can Learn Piano!

Why We Teach Piano

  • We want students to learn piano lessons without the pressure of note reading and recitals
  • We help you fulfill your goals as parent to inspire your children to realize individual expression and innate creativity
  • We believe that freedom to make mistakes is the right of any child and music learning is no exception
  • We teach critical thinking skills through pattern recognition and open ended questions
  • We foster a positive group environment so your child's first experience with music making is forever remembered
  • We equip children (as young as 3) with foundation tools to help them express themselves better and gain confidence for the rest of their life.

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Child Playing Piano
Girl Child Playing Piano
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Key Identity Access (TM) Wilsonville Piano Lessons for kids includes these benefits:

  • Nurtures Critical Thinking Skills - freedom to make mistakes, finding patterns, working in groups, categorization and classification, and asking open ended questions.
  • Immediate experience of natural musicianship through easy spatial recognition and hand coordination exercises.
  • Coloring, Creativity, and Composition.
  • Parents, grandparents, and/or guardians are required to participate in class for ages 3 through 6, learning to play and compose  as well, by assisting at home.

Group Piano Lessons present the following advantages:

  • Practicing in front of a group throughout the learning process prevents performance anxiety for “recitals”
  • Students don’t feel like a teacher is “hovering” over them
  • Observation of other classmate mistakes and successes provides an additional learning tool

Natural Music Learning in contrast to “regurgitation” learning:

  • We learned to speak ever before reading and writing, therefore, we assert that music education should also follow this natural approach.
  • Our public school systems are designed to cause students to remember information without students coming to their own conclusions that these presented facts are “true”.  That explains why it is often so difficult for schools to prioritize art and music, which are geared toward original creative expression.
  • Key Identity Access (TM) fosters natural musicianship by acknowledging the creative decision making processes of the brain and providing the right atmosphere that encourages this process to flourish.

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Below is a comparative analysis of our tuition price and lesson value verses other similar kinds of piano class businesses in the Portland area. All lesson studios mentioned are recommended by us in the sense that we are certain you will experience immense value and get what you pay for. We are dedicated to helping you and/or your family discover your natural musicality.

Studio Name: Portland Piano Lab

Tuition Price – Ages 7 through 12:

30 Minutes at $120 per month/total of $360 per 3 months

Note: Does not appear to offer lessons for children younger than 7.

Philosophical differences than us: Seems to introduce note reading right away

Studio Name: Westside Music School

Tuition Price – Ages 3 and up (parent participation required for ages 3-4):

Per lesson length (not known from website?) at $300.00 + $35.00 materials fee per term of 16 weeks with 4 monthly installments of $75.00/total.  $335 for their 4 month term ($225 per 3 months).

Philosophical differences than us: Seems to introduce note reading right away, although after introducing singing and other important musical concepts.

Studio Name: Key Identity Access

Tuition Price – Ages 3 and up (parent participation required for ages 3-6)

Lesson length (30 minutes) at $99.00 per month - includes materials

Philosophical differences than other studios listed above: Delays note reading because we view it as an unnecessary barrier to natural creative expression.  To learn more about our approach purchase our book on Amazon called, "You've Had The Keys All Along: Why ALL Beginner Pianists Should Create Their Own Music." See a testimony review video by an educator with a PHD in educational foundations to see why this is important to consider in your piano lesson sign up decision.

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Call us at 503-479-8631 with your inquiries!